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Published on 01-10-2020

There is the use of payments to buy and collect Paypal systems. PAYEER, Bitcoin, AND BY sent, per bank by the site administrator.

Request our site by email from the system. We have the safe at $ 35.00 and the users charge to win.

We have collections and payments by: Paypal. PAYEER shipping, bank. Bitcoin

Our service to earn $$ and btc can bitcoins to

this wellet: 33RMv34y1Q1f8dnzxAbDEdMHAPFTzW2W8h

max .: 0.00100000 btc per account

minimum: 0.00050000 btc per account After

By verifying the sample account, the bitcoin shipment will be in your account 1/2 days in your wallet.

to send here: 33RMv34y1Q1f8dnzxAbDEdMHAPFTzW2W8h BITCOIN.


If you want to send the money through the bank, contact in private we will give you the BANK data. That will appear later in your account with us. Thank you. SHIPPING COST: 3% / 5% cost for bank shipping cost. MINIMUM SHIPPING COST $ 50 UNITS.


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