Frequently Asked Questions
¿What is it Redbitcoins? ,is the best solution to meet advertisers with potential customers.

As a customer, you buy and show your ad to thousands of interested people.  

As a user, you are watching those ads and they pay you for that..

two What is the minimum payment?

There is a minimum withdrawal.

You can even charge € 10.01 (€ 10.00 per Payeer. 20.00 PayPa l, and bitcoin 0.00100000) and there is no withdrawal limit every day.

It takes 100 clicks to request your payment and load or buy.

You do not have full funds in your account to complete this operation. Your minimum withdrawal is $ 10.00 /$20.00.

Maximum withdrawal per day minimum $ 10.00 /$20.00. A minimum deposit of $ 10 is required To make a withdrawal, there must first be a Deposit, a minimum of $ 10.00.

¿It's free ?

Of course, you don't have to spend money to be a member of Redbitcoins , it's absolutely free! . People simply earn money that advertisers pay them to see their websites / offers.

¿How much can I earn and for what?

The basic revenue factor is paid clicks.

It depends on two things how much you can earn by watching ads: your type of membership and type of ad.

Check out the update page for more information:

You can also win, you have 25 chances to win the main prize of $ 5 (with the Premium account you will increase your chances to 50 per day).

The other prizes: $ 1, $ 0.5, $ 0.25 and $ 0.1.

Another advertising option is paid offers, where you can receive a payment for simple and complex tasks that advertisers can prepare for you.

¿What do they offer for advertisers?

We have prepared several types of ads to make sure advertisers always find what they are looking

for. The most popular are paid clicks. We offer many types of advertising.

For more information, see the advertising page: As you can see, there are two examples of credit cost.

The bottom line is: more credits you buy and better discounts you will get.

¿Clicks paid in ?

They also have a unique approach system that makes it impossible not to see the exact advertising and charge for it.

The user must keep the focus on the web browser while watching an ad. Also at the end of each ad we use a sophisticated captcha system.

The second advertising option is to buy clicks. It allows you to get thousands of impressions of the site at a very low cost.

For more details,. The third option is the highlighted link. It is a link to your website with a brief description visible on the home page. Pay for link impressions, so for very little money you will get a thousand impressions and probably the same number of clicks as the home page opens thousands of times a day.

The fourth option is the login announcements. Each user who logs in will see their graphic banner for a certain number of days. The fifth type of advertisement is advertisements.

We show them in various places on our site, but the most important place is an ad window.

While the user is watching advertising, their banners are displayed in the upper right of the page, so it is also very visible and can be clicked on. If you are looking for something more or more specific, do not hesitate to contact us. You can request ads here.

¿When will they pay me?

You are paid once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount $ 10.00, (see the terms regarding the minimum payment amount according to your membership).

We make payments within 5 days of your request for payment.

¿What payment options are available?

We currently offer payments through PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin and the account.

We do not have plans to expand the list of payment processors, but if we receive a lot of requests, we might consider it.

¿What references are they?

Referrals are people who sign up on using your referral link.

You can find many referral tools after logging into your account at the Banners link.

If your referrals are active members (as they should be), request a commission for their clicks, see the table below: Automatic payment is a way to extend your referrals automatically.

If you enable Autopay, on the first click you make a referral per day, you will be charged and hold this referral for an additional day. If the referral doesn't click, you pay nothing for another day.

Autopay also makes the idea of ​​renting cheaper, saving 15% of the rent for a full month.

When you use the money from Autopay to extend the referral, take your rental balance or your principal balance. Can other people in my house join Sure, everyone can join

You just need to remember: there is only one user per IP allowed. Also, you can only use one computer to access an account.

Basically, you can't use shared networks like school, work, PROXY, or VPN as they may have the same IP number which can cause problems with your account. My account is suspended, why? Well, we do not suspend honest member accounts ... So if your account is suspended, it is likely that you have breached some terms. Also, our anti-cheat system can catch you while trying to trick us.

If you think you didn't break any rules (and you're sure you know the Terms of Service), feel free to open a support ticket to resolve that issue.


How can we pay so much?

We are one of the most profitable Redbitcoins websites, we have many users and many unique daily visits.

Only with the commercial we get hundreds of dollars every day and we can pay people with that money.

The more users we have, the more we can pay.

To help us continue and make it even richer, make sure you don't have a browser extension that blocks ads.

Instant pay for everyone with high incomes - that's why we are the best.

How does it work?

How does it work? Register and log in to your account.

Click Make Money on the menu to display the ads.

Click on an ad and wait until the loading bar completes.

Confirm the captcha and your balance will be credited! As soon as your account balance reaches a certain threshold, you can make a request for payment.

How much money can I earn with my referrals?

Free members earn money for each of their own clicks and for each of their referrals' clicks (€ 0.01 per standard click).

We also offer enhanced memberships that allow you to earn even more (up to € 0.05 per standard click).

Can I have more than one account? No,

No, we believe that you do not need more than one account.

If we detect multiple accounts related to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed.

Do not join public networks (such as companies, schools) that use the same IP address.

I do not receive credit for the click of my referral. Why is that?

You must click 4 ads every day to receive referral earnings the next day.

Can I change my username?

No, your account is identified based on your username. Therefore, it cannot be changed.

How often can I click on ads?

You can click ads every 24/72 hours. Ads are reset at midnight (00:00 server time).

How often do I need to log in to avoid account cancellation?

Debe iniciar sesión al menos una vez al mes para evitar cerrar su cuenta.

Account cancellation is irreversible and all balances will be forfeited.

When I log out, I see more ads than when I'm online. How can it be?

Advertisers can set demographic filters for their campaigns, allowing only paid clicks from members of a certain country. Also, there are clickable ads for updated members only.

My direct references are sometimes removed. Why is that?

The referrals offered are real people who click on the ads (no bots!).

However, if they are inactive, their accounts will be deleted after a certain period of time.

How can I find my referral link to promote this website?

Click Banners in your member area to find your referral link and banners.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Click Login in the menu and click the link 'Forgot your password? '

How can I advertise?

Click Advertise on the menu. This page will help you further to launch your advertising campaign.

Are all visits guaranteed?

Yes, you will receive at least the number of visits you have requested. We only count the clicks of our members.

External visitor clicks are included in the package.


Are all member visits unique?

Yes, we only count one click per member for 24 hours.

What kind of websites can I advertise?

The following are not allowed if your website contains: framebreaker, content that promotes spam, racism, etc.

But if I casino games. for adult content, 18 years, not minors, violations, abuse, mistreatment, etc.

How can I contact you?

Login and click on the Support link at the bottom of the page.

Also win in our safe games. coins etc ...


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