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What Is Satoshi ?
This is a place to gain BTC for free, or hustle satoshi.

mining, faucets, raffles, and even prizes.

What Is Unique?
You will also have your own profile where you could post your own faucet and referral links!

This will be your "Crypto-Facebook" where you ARE allowed to advertise, discuss and promote your own crypto-currency opportunities

What Are Limits?
Anything that is offensive, religious, political, violent motivations

Scams, phishing, hacking, or misleading of other members

Will lead to blacklisting IPs emails, BTC address with multiple agencies, wallets, forums etc.

Simply use this site to interact and grow legitimate opportunities do not misuse

How To Begin?
Get a BTC address

. -

This site will send payments to Cryptoo.me If you have a BTC address you can register your address with them.

If you do not have an address, do not worry, they will provide you with one. simply register your account, and you will see a tab "deposit". On this page there will be an address that looks like this …..1FqV3U242UmnvRcwE5aVVfCXtuG9rww79. Copy this address and paste in your profile under the field BTC Address. Done, you will now receive payments to your BTC Address at Cryptoo.me You will also be able to use this address for other opportunities where you must have a BTC address.

Your payments will be sent here

Register Cryptoo.me Wallet

Now register for Satoshi , and use your BTC Address.

register now Satoshi !
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