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Started by Admin 2020-09-27 at 11:54
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Everyone in front of the page View ads Problem. We also face. We spoke with the developer and also with our hosting provider. And we do not find any solution. So our whole site works fine, members don't think I can win. We will make the system for your benefit. We will temporarily increase the click on the grid and everyone will get $ 0.001 / $ 0.0150 /$0.0200 per click on the grid. If anyone has rented referrals, please contact us. We will add the estimated earnings daily. Thanks for understand
My name is Jose
I am the new administrator of this site.

I significantly reduced upgrade costs,
so that each member benefits from the advantages of our website.
I added a bonus of $ 0.03 for each new member.
We have the limit of references is 20, 50
You may have limited references on our site.

We pay in PayPal and Payeer,
Banking of more than $ 100 USD as long as this agreement in the European Union in the Bank can receive and send such amounts.
Thank you for choosing our site.
All payments to the person who only cites it are paid by:

Payeer And Paypal.
The other systems, that appear. If you request it, they are canceled before you put on your payment site by payeer and paypal.
you can upload by:
Bitcoin, payeer, paypal.
We do not have contracted other systems.

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we all win for advertising too
New place to earn more $$$ because I wish you all luck.

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